Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinet

The most prominent feature of any kitchen is the cabinets. The cabinet occupies an important portion of the area of the kitchen. Having a wooden cabinet for many years now, and you wish to restore its original luster and life? You must be on Google searching for Kitchen cabinet painters near me. We at Chicago paint crew are the perfect option for you. We deliver the affordable and normally the quickest way to bring life back into your dreary-looking kitchen cabinets. A completely customized and on-trend experience is provided that fits your needs. Kitchen cabinet painters can give a new life to those cabinets.

The Process of Kitchen Cabinet Painting

The kitchen cabinet painters in Chicago provide an affordable and innovative service that renews the wooden cabinets without having to clean up the mess and face the inconvenience of fumes, dust, and an extended time being away from the kitchen. The painting method covers the wood grains of the kitchen cabinet. The cabinet drawer, doors, and bases are washed with grease remover solution and water. Refinishing or painting your existing kitchen cabinets can restore the beauty for one-third of the price of installing a new one; thus, quite a practical option.

The professional kitchen cabinet painters of our team totally protect all the surrounding belongings and services, so you need not stress regarding the cleanliness. Every cabinet hardware and door is firstly removed and then taken off-site in most cases to the private spray booths where these are painted professionally. Then the cabinet boxes are arranged and painted on-site at your business or home. When the doors are dried, the hardware and cabinet doors are re-installed. Further, all the plastics and tapes are removed, and the job debris is then cleared. The most durable and innovative coatings of the industry are used, so a fantastic result is ensured.

To repaint your kitchen cabinet is the most cost-efficient way that gives your kitchen area a new look. The painter should make the finishing well enough so that the homeowner can invest. You can select between oil and latex if there is a need to repaint the kitchen cabinets. Though both of these have various advantages, professional kitchen cabinet painters prefer the oil-based one because it gives a durable and smoother surface. On the other hand, paint that is based on latex can be quickly and easily cleaned.